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Episode 43: Andrew Ellard Interview
December 18, 2014 06:50 AM PST
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This podcast we spend over an hour talking to script editor Andrew Ellard. We felt these extra length was worth the level of his insights into some of your favourite shows. Plus we couldn't shut him up. Here is how he describes himself -

"I'm a writer and script editor. I’ve worked on various shows including Red Dwarf, The IT Crowd and Miranda. I also offer (paid) rewrite notes for your script. You may know me from Twitter (@ellardent) having seen my opinion/review #tweetnotes."

We recorded this at the Royal Festival Hall, so you get free background music with this one.

Lastly, Merry Christmas and hope 2015 is a good one for your writing projects.

Episode 42: Structure
November 06, 2014 02:00 PM PST
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Structure - the most important skill of a writer or the basis for generic and boring stories? Danny talks about the '5 act pixar poker idea' and Tim talks up non-linear structures.

Episode 41: Writing and making a feature
September 15, 2014 12:32 PM PDT
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Tim and Danny take a break from shooting their own feature to discuss how writers can use their skills on set.

Episode 40: Tim John goes LaLa in Hollywood!
July 29, 2014 03:57 AM PDT
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This podcast is another interview special. We talk to writer Tim John about moving to Hollywood, how to fit in, how to find work there and why it all fell apart. A great episode for those thinking about hitting tinsel town.

You can find Tim's book on Amazon - or simply click here.

Special Episode
June 19, 2014 09:46 AM PDT
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This is a special episode of the UK Scriptwriters Podcast with an important message from Tim

Episode 39: Wildseed Studios
June 05, 2014 08:38 AM PDT
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An interview special - with Jesse Cleverly from Wildseed Studios. Wildseed are giving seed funding to wild ideas right now. 50 x £10,000 in fact. What are they looking for and how do you take part? That's what Jesse outlines here, including what has worked so far.

Find out more at http://wildseedstudios.com

And a shout out of our project too - www.nelsonnutmeg.com

Episode 38: Interview with Debbie Moon (Wolfblood)
April 30, 2014 02:48 AM PDT
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In this podcast Tim and Danny meet Wolfblood creator, Debbie Moon. Wolfblood is a show commissioned by CBBC and ZDF, but is also a genre show.

We ask Debbie about writing for genre, about how she got started and about her strategy to move on from children's shows into other slots.

Episode 37:Nigel Cole interview
March 23, 2014 02:25 PM PDT
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Lots of competitions in the news; Guiding Lights, Nick Darke award, ComingUp scheme and more. PLUS Tim talks to Nigel Cole (director of Made in Dagenham and TV's Doc Martin) about working with writers and the difference between television and film.

Episode 36: Proactive and Nelson Nutmeg
February 27, 2014 08:45 AM PST
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This episode is about being proactive. What can you do to make sure you chase down every avenue? Are you an amateur or a professional. PLUS we launch our new feature film for children - Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? www.nelsonnutmeg.com

Episode 35: Children's TV
January 25, 2014 01:39 AM PST
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In this episode Danny talks about the high quality entries that have come in for this year's Red Planet Prize. What works well? What are the common mistakes?

In the second half we discuss writing for children, the differences and similarities to mainstream drama. What would make a good spec script? How long should it be?

Lastly we talk secret and exciting plans for the future. What are yours?

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